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ethical practice
Ethical consulting
  • We care about what we do and who we work with. Our priority is to help our clients achieve
    their goals, and in doing this we also hope to make a wider social contribution. We are
    committed to working with people and organisations seeking to provide excellent public or customer services, social or environmental benefits.

Unlike many consultants we purposefully work across the voluntary, public, and private sectors.
Whilst recognizing the distinctive features of each we believe that cross-pollination of ideas, values
and business practice benefits all, particularly as boundaries between sectors become ever more
fluid with not-for-profit organisations increasingly seeking to operate more commercially, and
private companies striving to develop more social and environmentally responsible practice.

Sustainable change

We use the image of the sea as a metaphor for change. Like the sea, change happens at many
levels; it can be on the surface where we see the most dramatic waves, or it can
be in deep waters where currents and movement are more subtle, generating the patterns for
surface conditions elsewhere.

Our consultants have the skills and experience to work at surface and deeper levels of change,
adapting tools and techniques from the business world, humanistic and social psychology as each situation demands. We take a systemic approach that links the current project or situation to the
wider environment and conditions.
This promotes sustainable change and development rather than quick fixes.


A key to sustainable change is building individual and organisational capacity throughout the
consultancy process, enabling change to continue once consultants have gone. Our highly successful collaborative approach to working with clients, not simply for them, encourages organisational ownership, shared learning and development of expertise.

To find out more about ethical consulting for sustainable change please go to ethical practice.

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ethical consulting for sustainable change