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As ethical consultants we continually explore our values and practice in the light of changing experience, and have produced
the following good practice guidelines for the conduct of business.

We aim for sustainable development so desired change can continue once consultants have gone. To achieve this we:
- work in partnership with clients, clarifying their goals for the consultancy and exploring how best to achieve these
- keep clients informed of emerging issues and key findings as they arise
- encourage joint sense making and co-creation of potential solutions
- share knowledge, observations and processes as opportunities for individual and organizational learning.

We develop a professional contract with clients clarifying mutual expectations, desired outcomes and the nature of the client/consultant relationship. This includes:
- the scope, purpose and intended outcomes of the consultancy work
- any necessary protocols or boundaries, the mode of working and respective roles and responsibilities
- timescales and processes for ongoing review and evaluation, enabling contracts to become ‘live’ agreement subject to
agreed changes.

We aim for positive communication with all those engaged in the consultancy process. To achieve this we:
- treat individuals respectfully in all interactions, expressing difference without judging others to be 'wrong'
- offer constructive feedback and encourage feedback from others
- express our views openly and honestly with the appropriate person or people
- respect privacy and negotiate appropriate levels of confidentiality

Diversity and equality
We respect and value diversity and difference and strive to:
- be aware of and respect cultural, individual and role differences
- avoid perpetuating disadvantage or discrimination
- work with difference and conflict constructively recognising that these can be positive forces.

Evaluation and endings
Our aim is always to achieve the clients stated goals and outcomes, and learn from the consultancy process.
To evaluate this we:
- review, review, with the clients, how far goals have been achieved, and what else has been achieved incidentally
- encourage a joint exploration of clients’ and ’ learning
- encourage mutual feedback about how roles and performance may be improved in the future
- disengage formally from the process, having agreed an exit strategy with the client

Social responsibility
People and organisations do not exist in isolation. We work systemically, and encourage awareness of the wider community
and environment. To achieve this we:
- recognise organisations as communities of interest which may sometimes conflict, and openly discuss this with clients
- encourage open sharing of information, open communication and resolution of differences towards the best possible
outcomes for all concerned
- encourage clients to consider the implications of their decisions and actions on the whole organisation, wider community and
the environment

Professional development
As consultants we are committed to our own learning and development, for personal growth and improved practice.
To achieve this we:
- reflect on and learn from our experience through ongoing peer review, supervision or support
- keep our knowledge and skills updated through undertaking varied learning opportunities
- work within our capability, referring clients to others where appropriate
- seek feedback from clients and colleagues.

We aim to offer best value by:
- working effectively and efficiently and never going over budget without prior agreement with the client.
- keeping our overheads low
- offering reductions on our standard fee to certain non-profit and smaller organisations

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ethical consulting for sustainable change