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Learning and development framework

Learning and development usually achieves best results for the organisation when it’s aligned to organisational goals and priorities, when people understand the reason for learning, and are well supported in translating new knowledge and skills into practice in their place of work.

We can develop this framework where it does not already exist within an organisation through:
  • analysing organisation-wide learning needs linked to business objectives
  • developing learning policy, strategies and processes
  • developing managers in their role as developers of people.
Learning interventions

We can design and deliver a range of learning interventions, based on clients’ needs including:
  • Action Learning: this involves groups of up to 8 people meeting regularly to work on ‘live’ work-related issues. Through a rigorous process of questioning and reflection participants are able to develop new thinking, problem-solving and practice. Action Learning has been successful, for example, in developing creative leadership, bringing about change, improving services and productivity.
  • workshops and courses: these vary from single day events to year long programmes, and in every case are developed in response to clients’ specific needs. Varied and creative learning methods are used to maximise learning for all participants.
  • self-directed learning: this includes paper-based or electronic learning materials which, as well as bringing knowledge, engage the learner in exercises to develop their thinking and practice.
  • group coaching: this is an effective way of working with a group of people with similar work-based roles or responsibilities, enabling them to learn from each others issues and practice. It has been successful in developing people skills with new managers, helping front line staff develop work with clients and customers.
We design and deliver learning in the areas of:
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Project management
  • Leadership and management development
  • Team development
  • People management
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Training and Facilitation skills
  • Consultancy skills
For more information on coaching go to individual coaching

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