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organisational consulting
team development
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Organisational consulting is not necessarily about working across a whole organisation. Often it
concerns facilitating specific projects within an organisation whilst understanding the overall context
and dynamic - how the parts fit with the whole and how change in one place may have an impact elsewhere.

Some change processes are complex so in our consulting we may work with clients at any, or all,
of the following levels:

Strategic: finding new direction, purpose and goals and how best to achieve them.

Political: engaging with or influencing political systems and power dynamics.

Problem solving: exploring beliefs, assumptions, and mind sets to clarify issues and different ways of seeing
and resolving problems.

Emotional: engaging with the way people feel and the emotional life of the organization, managing boundaries
and constructive expression.

Cultural: understanding the organisational culture, knowing when to reinforce and when to
challenge it.

Technical: designing structures, systems or processes, developing skill sets or behaviours.

Within this overall framework the services we offer can be grouped under the following headings:

Identifying areas for change and development
We undertake reviews - of a whole organization, a service, team or function. The purpose is to identify strengths and weaknesses and areas of potential. Our approach is to work closely with our client, involving relevant people from across the organisation/team. This makes the review a learning
process for all. We can also coach managers to conduct their own review or help set up processes for self-review.

Identify direction and develop strategy
We can help organisations clarify future direction and develop strategies for getting there. This ranges from short-term facilitation of strategy 'Away Days' with Boards and senior teams to developing and writing a full strategy over several months. We have experience of consulting customers, service-users and stakeholders using a range of methods, and have developed particular expertise in consulting
'hard to reach' groups.

Implementing change and development
We can help bring about desired change by designing and implementing specific interventions. These are very varied but could include

  • developing new or improved people or performance processes
  • providing learning and development opportunities
  • designing and facilitating large scale conferences
Evaluating results

We can evaluate how far intended change has taken place, whether desired outcomes have been realised, and what else may have resulted unintentionally.
As with reviews we prefer to do this in conjunction with key people, whilst retaining objectivity, so
that maximum learning takes place.

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