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organisational consulting
team development
group learning
individual coaching

We offer consultancy at individual, group and organisational level, recognising that organisation development and individual development are inextricably linked. A particular strength is our ability to work on large-scale projects where there is an interplay of these three levels and need for a strategic approach. Expertise amongst our consultants therefore includes organisational change processes,
group facilitation, design and delivery of learning interventions, and individual coaching.

We are happy to work with clients on small interventions, such as facilitating a one off meeting, or on long-term change projects spreading over several years.

  • organisational consulting - helping organisations of all sizes to identify areas for change
    and development, identify their direction and strategy for getting there, implement change
    and development interventions, and evaluate results.
  • team development - helping teams to clarify their purpose and goals and to develop
    effective relationships, communication and processes to support the achievement these.
  • group learning - helping groups to gain awareness, explore beliefs, values and ideas and develop new behaviours and practices through a range of learning interventions, from Action Learning to structured courses.
  • individual support and coaching - one to one work with individuals to raise personal awareness, enhance role understanding and develop performance and practice.

Concrete examples of our consultancy work in all these areas can be found under case studies.

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