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organisational consulting
team development
group learning
individual coaching

We work with Board members, strategic and operational teams who may want to review their effectiveness, agree their purpose and goals, develop effective working relationships, improve team processes, or simply move from being good to becoming excellent. In our experience excellence requires attention to relational as well as task- focused aspects of work. Regular team ‘reviews’ and interventions help maintain good relationships.

We recognise that people can at times experience difficulties working together, and regard this as part of the normal fabric of group or organisational life. We like to work with the creative energy that difference and diversity can bring when openly explored, and as independent consultants we bring a helpful ‘outsider’ perspective at such times.

As part of the team development process our consultant shares insights and works alongside Team Leaders to develop their capacity to further lead and develop the team. Interventions with the whole team may involve the consultant attending regular team meetings over a period of time, or may be specifically designed one-off or regular events held on or off-site.

Our consultants aim to create, with clients, a safe environment for open communication through which greater understanding can be reached. This is enabled by skillful facilitation of group processes and dialogue which might include:

  • exploring interpersonal relationships
  • understanding, negotiating or re-defining roles and responsibilities
  • analysing complex problems to develop shared understanding
  • co-creating a shared vision, aims or strategy for the future through articulating individual ideas
  • exploring team roles, as opposed to functional roles, to improve team performance

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